Submit es fle explorer – A Must to Handle Documents on Android

As we all recognize, we could easily search, develop, remove, duplicate, and cut andrelabel any type of documents and folder on a computer system. All these functions seem so simple that we just take it for granted. Among the great ways is managing your files by attaching your phone to your computer system through a USB wire. It is difficult that you could carry your computer system with you any time since it is not as tiny as your phone. Just what can you do when you desire to handle files on your phone without a computer? While android OS itself does not contain documents supervisor. You require installing a documents explorer on your phone in order to handle data in a way that functions as easy as a computer. File Traveler, like other Android data managers, supplies the most basic functions like, browse, develop, delete, duplicate, cut, paste andrelabel any kind of documents and folders on phone and SD card without the need of a computer system.

One of the differences from others is that it has the capability to add faster ways for any type of documents and folders to the house screen, which offers you a quick accessibility to them. It can sort files by name, kind, dimension, last adjusted and also random. The es fle explorer largest advantage of File Traveler is the capability to take care of applications and jobs too. You could just release, cancel, and also uninstall any applications that set up on your phone. You could see their thorough information and develop shortcuts for them a. Just as a job manager could do, it has the capability to watch the running applications’ sizes, eliminate them and watch their comprehensive info. Submit Traveler is one of the very best data managers on android market. It has all the functions that individuals would need. It is totally free to download and install on market.

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File Explorer is an application for handling documents on your Android phone and flash memory card. I believe you might have a lot of documents in your phone, after that how to manage them organized could come to be a problem for you. Just what you need is an excellent file-manager to easily handle your files without the need of a computer system, particularly, Data Traveler, which is an app that showcases files/apps/tasks administration.


  • Sight and open all the data and also folders of your phone and flash memory card.
  • Cut, copy, remove and also rename any type of documents and also folders.
  • Make home screen faster ways for some often made use of documents, folders adapts, which allows you to access them conveniently and also rapidly.
    • Produce new files or folders.
  • Apart from a tool for documents, Data Explorer is also a tool for taking care of applications mounted in the phone. You can see and also handle all the applications being arranged alphabetically.
  • Change sights.
  • The particular operation is the following: Submit Traveler > Application Manger > Food Selection > Job Supervisor and then push any app you want to eliminate. Task Manger additionally shows each application’s size, which provides a straight sight concerning your set up applications.
  • Back button provides you the alternative to increase one folder level.
  • Show you the information of mounted apps. You can check out applications details.

The above are some short introduction concerning the attributes of File Traveler. I think you will locate more benefits after usage.